I Ordered a full clean and re dye for my vintage pair of Adidas Hamburg. The results are amazing and the turnaround time was rapid. This service will bring your old pair of trainers back to life.
Full Custom Trainer Re Dye
Went to a festival and ruined my pair of Adidas Sambas. Couldn't afford a new pair and they were originals from the 80's. Sent them over to Tom and he made them look as good as the day I bought them. Cheers!!
Trainer Clean and Refresh

About us

How did it all start? As an Adidas trainer enthusiast myself I spend a lot of time looking for that next pair to tick off the list, complete a set or just a trainer I like in general. Therefore when I came across a pair of Bern Colourway Londons from 2010 at a reasonable price I took the opportunity to buy them. However, upon arrival the trainers were in a much worse condition than they had been described to be in. It was at this point that I set out looking to improve the overall condition of the Adidas trainers. I gathered together some brushes and a range of other little tools to apply the dyes and paints. Prior to restoring my own trainers I asked around for trainers from friends in order to hone my skills and ensure that the trainers I was setting out to start on would be finished to the highest of standards. I took in several pairs and started uploading my different results to social media with some praise coming my way due to the transformations I was achieving. This took months to achieve and at first was a very slow process. As a result of this long stretch of time where I learned my own little tricks to ensure the highest quality restores possible my own Londons received what I thought was a relatively good restore in my eyes, however, once posted on social media the praise I got for them was unreal: I had people messaging me pictures of their Adidas trainers that they deemed to be 'ruined' and asking me to restore them back to their former glory. At this point I didn't feel ready to be taking on work as I understood the value that trainers can have to an individual. I felt like with just a little bit more practice this is something I can really get stuck into… This is what I did, 3 years down the line I have restored hundreds, if not thousands of trainers and the response from the customers has been amazing! I continue to strive to achieve the best possible results as it is the reactions from the customers that really make trainers worth restoring.

Examples of Our Work
Custom Adidas Colourway re dye

adidas londonAdidas London

This is one of my favourite pairs of Adidas London. I took this photo in April 2016 when I was down in London to watch The Virgin London Marathon.

We can clean, restore and re dye virtually any brand of trainer, giving them a new lease of life and restoring them to their former glory. Although the majority of our restoration work is on Adidas Trainers, we can work on any brand that you have.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email me or give me a call.

Thank you for looking at my Website :D

CUstom Colourways

We can re colour any pair of Trainers to match any colour that you require. Just get in touch!

Adidas Jeans Restoration

Adidas Jeans

Full clean and re dye carried out on these Adidas Jeans. Results speak for themselves.

Adidas Rouge custom re dye

Adidas Rouge

Restored this old pair of Adidas Rouge back to their former glory with a deep clean and re dye.