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They don't make Adidas Trainers like they used to anymore and Vintage Adidas Trainers do not age that well either,. That is where Adidas sports can help you. Your shoes will undergo a deep clean All trainers will be restored to exceptional standards..There are three different services that we offer and they are Cleaning

Trainer Clean and Refresh

A deep clean involves particular suede work with your trainers in order to remove engrained dirt and stains, achieving that once again new look. Using a variety of products and techniques your trainers will be rid of that dirt, stains and general marks from wear. Colour is also restored during a deap clean as dirt can affect the suedes colour and nap,

Trainer Clean and Re Dye

A full redye consists of a deep clean prior to applying new colour to the trainers. Following the deep clean the trainers will be brushed up in order to prepare them for applying the dye. Intricate work will be done in order to achieve a smooth and even finish to the trainers. As with all our restores a protective coat is applied to ensure a professional finish and protect that colour that has been put back into the trainers.

Full Trainer Customisation

Custom work involves a mixture of both leather and suede work in order to achieve the colourways that you desire on your favourite silhouettes. Here we strive to achieve the best possible results, should your trainers require a deep clean prior to the customisation then that is what will happen. Both our leather customisations and our suede customisations have received praise from people all over the world.

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Since 2016, we have strived to be an Industry Leader, providing a range of professional services to wind industry stakeholders. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our team is one that you can rely on.

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  • James


    Couldnt ask for a better service. Asked for a custom colourway to be done and Milly did an amazing job. Thank you

  • Paul

    Fantastic Service

    GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT PRICE. Was going to throw my old Adidas away but decided to get them cleaned instead. Amazing results