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Welcome To Our History

How did it all start? As an Adidas trainer enthusiast myself I spend a lot of time looking for that next pair to tick off the list, complete a set or just a trainer I like in general. Therefore when I came across a pair of Bern Colourway Londons from 2010 at a reasonable price I took the opportunity to buy them. However, upon arrival the trainers were in a much worse condition than they had been described to be in. It was at this point that I set out looking to improve the overall condition of the Adidas trainers.This is what I did, 3 years down the line I have restored hundreds, if not thousands of trainers and the response from the customers has been amazing! I continue to strive to achieve the best possible results as it is the reactions from the customers that really make trainers worth restoring.

Happy Clients


  • James


    Couldnt ask for a better service. Asked for a custom colourway to be done and Milly did an amazing job. Thank you

  • Paul

    Fantastic Service

    GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT PRICE. Was going to throw my old Adidas away but decided to get them cleaned instead. Amazing results