You need to email us your requirements before we can start a custom project!

Custom work involves a mixture of both leather and suede work in order to achieve the colour ways that you desire on your favourite silhouettes. Here we strive to achieve the best possible results, should your trainers require a deep clean prior to the customisation then that is what will happen. Both our leather customisations and our suede customisations have received praise from people all over the world and people in high places in the trainer world, this is something that we look to achieve on a day to day basis. All suede customs will be finished with a coating of suede protector whilst all leather customs will receive several coats of a leather finisher to ensure that no damage can be done to the paint work.



Step by step -you need to email us your requirements before we can start a custom project!

  • Send your trainers to us with the Paypal receipt and phone number as well as any specific instructions you have for the trainer customisation.
  • Once we receive your order we will send you an email or text.
  • Deep cleaning will occur should your trainers require it in order to prep for the suede dye or leather paints.
  • Both suede and leather trainers will receive adequate coats of dye/paint to ensure a smooth and professional finish
  • Trainers will be left to dry between each coat, due to a colour change more coats are carried out on each pair, resulting in a slightly longer process for custom work.
  • Leather varnish/finishers will be applied to all leather customs.
  • Suede protectors will be applied to all suede customs.
  • Once the trainers are complete an email/text will be sent out to you notifying you that the restore has been complete.
  • Finally the trainers will be sent out using Interlink 24 hour service. Text notifications will be used to alert you of your one hour delivery slot.
  • Make sure you take a photo of your trainers and post to any Social Media Page to get 5% off your next order